Unlocking the potential of
AI-driven drug discovery with quantitative data at scale

Our Mission

Guided by powerful AI capabilities, we are leveraging our vast high-quality data to optimize the path from discovery to transformative therapeutics.

Our Technology

Fully Realized Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Our approach delivers on the promise of computation to revolutionize drug discovery. Through our closed-loop wet lab discovery platform and data-rich AI, we overcome existing constraints on chemical data by systematically mapping the biochemical interactions of massive and diverse small molecule libraries to identify novel therapeutic compounds. Access to this quantitative data at scale allows us to intelligently navigate an infinitely extensible and highly diverse chemical space to efficiently design, discover and optimize small molecule therapeutics.

An Unparalleled Platform Solution

Our integrated computational platform, tNova, harnesses our novel affinity binding technology, tArray, unique resynthesis capabilities, and broad biology infrastructure.

tArray is the foundation of our discovery engine. It enables us to screen hundreds of millions of compounds in minutes and return quantitative data on each compound. Vast, high purity, and high diversity compound libraries are rapidly iterated using best-in-class chemistry to unlock chemical insights at the scale necessary to power AI-driven drug discovery.

Our Team

A Unified Vision – We are a highly skilled, dedicated, and passionate team that combines specific expertise and experience in AI, synthetic chemistry, biology, automation, and nanotechnology with the bold vision to accelerate cures and advance human health.

Alexis Roberson
Alice Liu
Ashley Clemens
Audrey Vu
Brian Shao
Desiree VanHaute
Isaac Estrada
Jeremy Jones
John Phillips
Kathleen Elison
Kevin Shan
Ricajoy Montero
Sharada Narayanan
Sonal Patel
Synnove Helset
Wafa Abidi

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